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Organisational Development

“Organisations” today – by which we mean companies, businesses and/or the functions and departments within them – are required to develop in increasingly shorter intervals.

This means in concrete terms:

  • to take on new, more or different tasks
  • relinquish past internal and external co-operation routines and develop new ones
  • change structures to work more efficiently and effectively
  • adapt to new, and now mostly digital, processes
  • react quickly and flexibly to current, short-term challenges

Line and matrix organisations stand side by side these days, and everyone wants to be or has to be ‘agile’ in accordance with the magic word.

Together with our customers we work on:

  • where exactly they are going or want to develop
  • what the organisation must know and learn
  • the best way to organise or position themselves for it
  • how to gain acceptance for the new form of organisation with your employees, customers and partners

“Organisational Development” is a process and therefore a path we share with you: from recognising needs for further development through to planning necessary transformation steps and their concrete realisation – i.e. the implementation of the new.


A major part of work in companies happens in meetings, conferences, and workshops. Time is frequently spent inconclusively and senselessly, leading to frustration and resentment in the face of an increasingly unmanageable flood of appointments.

At this point we offer support and take responsibility to ensure that meetings succeed, that they are effective (the right and most important things are done!), and that they are efficient (run quickly and produce results).

To achieve this, we discuss the meeting goals and the expected outcomes with our customers, which may also be challenging in terms of content.

We then consider and plan a perceptive sequence of steps supported by interesting methods and a varied approach.

We also think not just in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, but in terms of moods, sensitivities and interpersonal atmosphere.

This helps promote a climate of trust and openness, so that working together is enjoyable and fun, and where clarity and commitment to results is generated at the end.


We will train you and your employees in all the main themes identified as being important when working successfully together in the company.

Our trainings cover a wide range of themes … and if you want training on a theme not represented in our portfolio then we are more than happy to develop it for you!
We do not roll out our trainings by simply following the same pattern. We prefer instead to develop the content and methods based on the goals and issues that matter to our customers. This is how our trainings evolve and are continuously reinvented.

Our portfolio includes the following types of training:

  • Leadership development in several modules for executives at all levels, and for young professionals and high potentials
  • Potential validation to identify those persons who should take over key responsibilities in the company in the future
  • Change management training to empower managers to implement change projects in their functions so that the changes are accepted and implemented by those affected
  • Intercultural competence to enable employees to understand and work effectively with people from other cultures and with different first languages
  • And then of course there are the competency classics that help managers and employees work well together:
    • Conflict Management: resolving conflicts constructively
    • Managing discussions professionally
    • Leading difficult discussions constructively
    • Confidently moderating meetings and conferences
    • Understanding and applying team and group processes
    • Successfully conducting employee performance reviews
    • Psychology for leaders and managers
    • Time & self-management
    • and more ..


Coaching is an individual measure for people (mostly executives, but also employees) to deal with themes which are of importance to them at the moment.

Working in a personal and intensive framework, the coaching goal is twofold:

  • to bring clarity to the issues at hand
  • to enable personal development and growth

Themes suitable for coaching are very different. Here are some examples:

  • how can I best deal with people who are of particular importance to me: my manager, employees, customers, etc.?
  • clarification of my future professional vocation, my personal career and individual life / work perspectives.
  • development and preparation for important leadership interventions – whether related to the entire company, my own functional area or individual people.
  • individual issues or problems: fatigue and burnout, worries and concerns, challenging relationships in the professional or private sphere.

We accompany you as a coach over a set time, and work with you on the particular themes and goals you have set yourself. Coaching therefore requires working to a high degree on your own initiative, while nurturing and strengthening your own self-confidence and personal effectiveness.

Our coaching is sensitive and supportive, sometimes challenging and even provocative in the best sense of the word. It always takes place with honesty and clarity.

Team Development

Every team has an “outer life” – the work it does, the products it creates and the services it provides – and an “inner life” built around the interpersonal relationships of its team members.

Working together in a reasonable way helps a team to accomplish its tasks, so it pays to play close attention to how team members interact and co-operate.

Our team development workshops last one or two days. They provide space for:

  • getting to know each other better
  • understanding colleagues’ special characteristics
  • reflecting on how the team works together
  • and a chance to address important issues when the right opportunity cannot be found in everyday work

Team development can also be used to prepare strategies or tackle strategic work more calmly and thoroughly, as well as for in-depth discussions on key operational issues.

Team development is therefore an important milestone to strengthen its social fabric and performance during the team’s life.

We design a team development workshop after prior agreement with the manager. We also conduct interviews in advance with team members, if necessary.

Based on the themes, goals and challenges formulated and expressed, we design a programme that is sufficiently varied in terms of tasks and methodology. This ensures there is a balance between “soft” and “hard” topics to reflect the combined need to work on content whilst co-operating effectively with one another.

The Pecon Academy

The Pecon Academy will from 2018 onwards offer individually bookable events and activities to interested parties from all branches and sectors – industry & economy, social sector, public sector, the church and any other similar institutions.

The Academy will offer:

  • Education and training with a certificate of qualification upon completion
  • Seminars and trainings

The Pecon Academy is still under construction, but the first bookable events are already available:

Steer and Consult Groups in Organisations. 
Training to become an expert in process management and group dynamics.
The training is provided in co-operation with the ‘institute möller-stürmer’ (Stuttgart), and is certified by the DGGO – German Association for Group Dynamics and Organisational Dynamics. 
The training lasts for about a two-year period and the curriculum runs in parallel to your normal work.

A detailed description can be found here. Click here for further information and registration.

Further Seminar Offers

  • Life Balance – details to follow soon
  • Healthy Leadership – details to follow soon